Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Thank you from the parents, students and staff of St. John XXIII for following the guidelines below ensuring the safety of everyone!

Please do:

  • Enter by the middle driveway only.
  • Exit by the East driveway.
  • Park in the designated visitor parking spaces.
  • Use the left inner lane of the drive through, and pick up or drop off students in front of the gate.
  • Use the walkway in front of the school if you ride home on a bus or in a car.
  • Unless waiting for a ride, students in grades 4-8 should avoid the gate.
  • Use the sidewalk closer to the road if you are walking home.
  • Exercise patience, consideration and caution.

Please don’t:

  • Don’t park and get out of your car in the drive through or on the fire routes. You risk the safety of our children, and you risk getting a parking ticket.
  • Don’t let children to come to you or your car, so that they must cross driveways, between cars, unescorted. If you park in the visitor’s parking spaces instead of driving through, go and pick them up at the gate or walkway.on’t block parked cars.
  • Don’t block parked cars.
  • Don’t hold up those behind you with lengthy goodbyes or conversations. Please avoid lingering in the kindergarten yard.
  • Don’t use the bus entrance.
  • Don’t block the school bus from entering or exiting the property. If you use available staff parking spaces, you must wait till both buses have left.
  • Don’t park across from the entrances and exits. This makes it difficult for the school bus and cars to manoeuvre the turn.

diagram of kiss and ride path, bus route and parking areas