Welcome Back! New Kiss N’ Ride Area

Welcome back to another school year! Thank you to the staff, parents and students if the St. John XXIII community for making our first week back a successful one. NEW this year is the Kiss N’ Ride area which is separate of the bus lane.

Please note that cars are not to enter the bus lane at any time. All students should exit the passenger side of the car (right side) on the designated curb. Please do not have children exit into the moving lane on the left. Cars should not be parked in the left lane of the Kiss N’ Ride. That is for moving vehicles only. Vehicles may only park in the designated visitor parking spots, nowhere else.  Please observe the flow of traffic as indicated by the arrows. Please see the image below for reference.

Your attention to this will go a long way to ensuring the safety of our students as well as a smooth arrival and dismissal in the mornings and afternoon.